Future Storyworlds Concludes


NIFFF ON TOUR @CERN, 24 & 25 November, 2017: the winner of the FUTURE STORYWORLDS workshop, Salômé Guillemin’s project The day we became aliens (HEAD, Geneva), received a CHF 3,000 incentive for development

The jury and Salômé Guillemin

The Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) – in close collaboration with CineGlobeTHE Port at CERN, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) – put together the first FUTURE STORYWORLDS workshop on 24-25 November 2017, which concluded in a very positive way. Initiated on September 26th, 2017, with a call for projects, the event focused on screenwriting for immersive media, from VR to 360° experiences, through augmented/mixed realties and video games.

SP Mohanty, AI expert EPFL former CERN

The workshop’s given theme was dystopia in the context of the existential risks associated with society’s technological development. To strengthen the narrative structure and better define the projects’ concepts, the organisers have gathered an impressive panel of scientific experts and storytelling professionals. After two days of evaluation, the jury has selected Salômé Guillemin’s project, The day we became aliens, to receive the incentive for development.

Fritz Muri and SP Mohanty


Monika Bielskyte on « Designing future as a participatory story-world »

Kynan Eng on « The neuroengineering and neuroscience of intercative environments »

David Varela on « Storytelling for immersive media from an emotional point of view »

Michel Zai on « After SOMNIACS’ dream of flight with Birdly: a submarine VR nightmare and call for action »

Selected projects :

  • Dominus, Vincent de Vevey – HEAD, Genève
  • Food 21, Benoît Renaudin – HEAD, Genève
  • Generation Space, Fritz Muri – Fmquadrat, Zürich
  • Polder – The series, Samuel Schwarz – Digitalbühne, Zürich
  • Reya’s Journey, Pilar Anguita-MacKay – Olympia Films, Lausanne
  • The day we became aliens, Salômé Guillemin – HEAD, Genève
  • The love of parenthood, Marion Delavelle – HEAD, Genève

Salômé Guillemin
The video report of Canal Alpha