Audiovisual Performance – Mapping Festival

CineGlobe is teaming up with Mapping to present, on Thursday 23 March, the audiovisual performance THIRD LAW, co-signed by composer Roly Porter and video artist Marcel Weber, alias MFO.

Roly Porter is a musician based in Bristol, formerly a member of the duo Vex’d, and he is the author of experimental music albums Subtext and TriAngle. He has collaborated several times with Cynthia Millar, famous interpreter of Ondes Martenot, one of the first instruments of electronic music. MFO is a visual artist based in Berlin, who has previously worked with, among others, Tim Hecker, Biosphere and Ben Frost.

The act of travelling turned from a physical into a purely mental endeavour means that every outward journey becomes an inward one – into the mind. Once the avatar ventures into unthinkable realm, how will the traveller’s psyche understand the induced sensory input? When deaming, memories and the unconscious reverberate in imaginary events; from past experiences we draw the picture of our own individual reality. Senses stimulated by the inconceivable, what images will they evoke, how will deep space draming feel? The stage performance for the THIRD LAW aims to build this experience.

The event is free but you need to register and bring your ticket with you!

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