Remise des prix


Discover the best CineGlobe Films of 2017, awarded by our esteemed jury and by you, the CineGlobe public. Followed by a dinner cocktail with the visiting CineGlobe filmmakers and jury!

During the ceremony, we’ll award the Golden CineGlobes for:

  • Best fiction Film
  • Best Documentary Film
  • Best One Minute Film
  • Audience Favourite – Fiction Film
  • Audience Favourite – Documentary Film
  • Audience Favourite – One Minute Film

Our esteemed Jury is composed of:

  • Vincent Revalec

Is a French writer, director and producer. He as written novels, articles, songs, films, virtual reality pieces, and more.

  • Steve Brown

CEO of Ignite Channel, and best known for Spark: A Burning Man Story, he is also the producer and distributor of films centered around art, innovation and culture.

  • Maria Guta

Born in Bucharest, Romania, studied graphic design in her country, before moving to Switerland and completing a degree in Art Direction and Photography. She is now a freelance artist between Switerland and Romania.

  • Erinrose Sullivan

Strategic Insight Expert, Marketing Thought Leader, and Digital Marketing Consultant at BrightLab.

  • Claire Lee

Particle physics research associate at Brookhaven National Laboratory, working on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Special Nights