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Theme: Intelligent Futures

We live in an age where we can talk to computers and they can provide us with answers almost instantaneously. Those answers draw from a web of knowledge, taken from the internet and other sources, often the result of centuries of research and the shared property of the whole human race. The quantity of information available to us is increasing exponentially, while obstacles to accessing it are being reduced. Open access to this information enables research, experimentation, and the creation of new knowledge. New services and products based on the instantaneous availability of information promise to make our lives easier and healthier, if all of the information is truly and fully understood.

And yet, we do not have to look far for evidence of abuse – information manipulated, images doctored, quotes taken out of context. And much of this – through the likes of chat bots – is possible without human intervention, through the use of Artificial Intelligence. In our race to handle the information deluge, we have created machines that can learn. For now, they can only learn what we teach them – but could the dream of unsupervised learning and real Artificial Intelligence become a reality? And apart from machines, how can we use this mountain of knowledge to learn and be more intelligent ourselves? In 2018, CineGlobe seeks films of all perspectives on our shared and hopefully Intelligent Futures.

CineGlobe 2018 is accepting films in 4 competitions:

  • Fiction – up to fifteen (15) minutes in length, credits excluded, completed since January 1st 2015
  • Documentary – up to thirty (30) minutes in length, credits excluded, completed since January 1st 2015
  • Youth Films – up to ten (10) minutes in length, credits excluded, of any genre, completed since January 1st 2015. Films must be suitable for all ages.
  • VR Films (360° video) – any length, of any genre, completed since January 1st 2015.

Submissions NOW OPEN on!

The deadline for the fiction, documentary, and youth films competitions is 31 March 2018. The deadline for the VR (Virtual Reality) competition is 18 April 2018.

See the complete rules here.

All films must be submitted using the platform Submissions will not be accepted using any other method. Thanks for your understanding.

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